Carsten Andersen (DK)

I have been a member of the Danish Retriever Club (DRK) since 1975. I have judged since 1990 and I have judged at the Danish Championship 5 times – it is always a great experience. My job as a judge has led to jobs in Denmark as well as in Norway, Sweden, Italy and Switzerland. I have brought dogs to tests since 1978 and I have participated twice at the Danish Championship with a second place as best result. I have won a Championship Diploma with Sparkfield Lobo and I have several placements with my other dogs. Also I have won the Danish Team-Championship 4 times as a team member for my local team Centrum. My former 2 dogs became no. 2 and 3 at the Youth Championship. I have participated at IWT for Denmark in Hungary, Switzerland and Germany. Best result was 3rd in Hungary. Today I have 3 dogs – Miska Lobo, 9 years old – Batmoors Niko, 2 years old and Stoney just a year old – from the Lockthorn kennel, England. I use all my dogs very much during the hunting season. 

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Carsten Andersen (DK)


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